Recommended Equipment / Call if you have questions

  1. Colorado Parks and Wildlife License and Hunter Safety card if required. (see note below)

  2. Sleeping Bag – Good for 0 degrees or lower for Rifle Drop Camps.

  3. Backpack – for lunch, ammo, field gear etc.

  4. Binoculars

  5. Flashlight or headlamp, with extra batteries

  6. Game bags, one for each Elk quarter.

  7. GPS, Compass and map for Semi Guided and Drop camp hunts.

  8. Personal toiletry articles

  9. Warm boots and Clothing for late season hunts

  10. Good waterproof boots (broke in) with comfortable socks

  11. Sunscreen and sunglasses

  12. Gun scabbard (hard case) for unguided hunters using an atv.

  13. Thermal underwear, Gloves, Warm jacket, Rain gear (Dress in layers for changing weather)

  14. Orange cap and vest 500sq inches (Required by Colorado Law for Rifle and Muzzleloader seasons) – No camo orange.

  15. Guns – sighted in for 250 yards

  16. Spotting scope for one on one hunts (optional)

  17. Warm face mask

  18. Towel and washcloth.

  19. Water Bottle or Canteen

  20. Camera

  21. Hard Case for Bow Hunts

  22. Cow call for stopping game / all seasons

*Proof of a hunter education course is required to hunt in Colorado if you were born on or after January 1st 1949. A hunt is considered officially over when your tag is filled or hunt days have expired. Filled hunters are welcome to stay in camp for total number of hunt days. Although Western Colorado Outfitters does not guarantee all guests their game, we feel each individual has a great chance of filling their tags. Our camps are also covered by a radio system for your safety, to be used in emergencies only. All hunts are fair chase in scenic Colorado. Hunts are conducted on the Uncompahgre National Forest and Bureau of Land Management.

Western Colorado Outfitters is a permittee on the GMUG National Forest / Bureau of Land Management, and is an equal opportunity service provider.

Western Colorado Outfitters BBB Business Review